Our mobile lending library (Biblioteca La Puerta) with over 250 members meets every Wednesday on a covered patio in the neighborhood. Children are able to borrow books, attend story time, do a craft and receive a snack. They also have the opportunity to participate in several programs we offer.


Programa de Lectura: Children meet in groups of two to practice their reading skills or to learn the alphabet.

Amiguitos de Libros: Children, who are confident readers, are partnered with a younger child to whom they read a story.

Puerta Pesos Programa: Library members earn ‘Puerta Pesos’ by attending activities, participating in the various programs and serving in the library, Kids’ Club or neighborhood school. the pesos can then be used in our library store where the children can purchase school supplies, toiletries or toys.

Our library needs: Books in Spanish, craft supplies, snacks, tables and chairs.

Latest Library News: We are developing a section in our library for teenagers. We hope to offer computer access with internet, resource books on different subjects for their school projects and more age-appropriate books.

If you are interested in helping, please contact us or click this link to make a donation: paypal.me/heavensstorehouses