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"It has been an honor to work with Heaven’s Storehouses!  I have been down 4 times over the past 3 years and every time I go, I have seen change in the community.  Families who used to distrust now eagerly send their kids to take part in the library and club.  Kids who have always attended now feel more comfortable sharing personal things.  Even though what they are doing may seem small at times, everything they do has a purpose and it all comes together to form the bigger picture: God loves and has a plan for everyone."

Rebekah M., Houston Volunteer


“In April 2016, I took 2 of my kids (ages 11 & 19) to see the Fords in Nicaragua. Our time there changed all of us.  We were able to spend some time with the people the Fords love so much, people that struggle daily just to provide basic needs for their families.  My son's teacher told me it brings her to tears every time she thinks about the change in character that took place in my son as a result of our trip.  He told the class he would never take even a pencil for granted again.”

Sarah B., Georgia Volunteer


“They have taught us that God is our Father and of His great love where before I was living in a religious way.  So now I am able to work with women showing them how valuable they are to God and that He is in their lives."

Yessica, Local Nicaraguan Pastor

“It was such an incredible experience working with Catherine and Richie. They pour so much into the kids and the families that belong to their program, and it is so clear that they are trusting the Lord with everything, every step of the way. Everything they do is so full of love and joy, and being with them helped me realize how God can turn our dreams into the most amazing and unexpected opportunities.

Jayden F., Colorado Intern